Clients & Consulting

Over the past 30 years I have worked with organizations focused on Montana environmental law as well as regional and national issues. My clients range from local NGOs like Friends of the Wild Swan (bull trout and grizzly bears) and Bitterrooters for Planning (subdivisions and land use), to regional groups like the Northern Plains Resource Council (coal mining, water quality and quantity) Greater Yellowstone Coalition (land use, grizzly bears) and Clark Fork Coalition (water quality). I have also represented national groups including The Nature Conservancy (easement enforcement), Sierra Club (numerous issues), Montana and National Wildlife Federation (wildlife protection, game farms).

While most of my work is for organizations, I do represent individuals and businesses on constitutional issues (I have taught Constitutional Law at two law schools) and enforcement of environmental laws.

My work as a consultant includes presenting seminars to government officials, Tribes and NGOs on a variety of Montana environmental law issues as well as state and national legislation. I also pen amicus briefs within my areas of expertise.